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Y I Hope That You Give Faith A Fighting Chance Y [Mar 30 2001 @ 09:44pm]
Y mood | Alone

I suppose that I should discuss this, even if for my own benefit alone.

The past month has been a literal hell.
But, the first two weeks of it have been better than the latter.

George has been going through some personal things-and I've been trying with all of me, to be what he needs right now. I suppose there are just things I cannot do no matter how hard I try.

He is in need of things that only he can provide for himself. So, he has left me-in order to better organize his own life. He feels he cannot be what I need right now.

So, in my infinite wisdom of love and relationships...I am lost. I thought-that when you're in love, you get through lifes problems together and help each other-and motivate each other, and work together to be the people you need to be for yourselves and for each other. Evidently, I was wrong. Rather, I am wrong in this case. He needs to do this alone. I have no choice but to agree. I can either make this more difficult for both of us, by making a hugely grotesque emotional scene-or I can be as understanding as possible. I've chosen to be understanding. If he is in need of space, and time alone, then he has it. He knows how and when and where and what time to reach me. I'm here if he chooses to do so.

He said that-once he has gotten his life to the point where he wants it-he is scared that I may not want him anymore. But, I am feeling that same thing. I feel unwanted enough as it is...but, down the line? Feel unwanted...? *sigh* I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Anyway, for those of you *you know who you are* who have been feeling that I've been cold, and distant....I do apologize. Rarely do I go through anything where I put myself way before you guys, but, this time I did. My problems with him were more than I could handle. Also, for the people, actually everyone that already knows-has said they thought we were the perfect couple; I thought so too. Maybe we will be again. But, thank you for saying you felt we are good together. Makes me feel better for some reason.

Hopefully this ends up, happily. But, I'm not much for positive thinking-so I guess I'll leave it up to fate. If he and I are soulmates like we say we are-this is just a small phase in our lives together.

I do love you, and I hope that this works out the way you want it to.
I'm here if you need me, and I suppose...even if you don't need me.


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Y Give Our Love More Than Just A Glimpse Y [Mar 30 2001 @ 09:07pm]
Y mood | Empty

I think one of the worst things...
is feeling so much and yet, knowing you're empty.

love me

Y Melt Me Tonight Y [Mar 29 2001 @ 10:35pm]
Y mood | Panic Stricken

*I just want to tell you all the things you are, and all the things you mean to me. When I find myself believing there's no place to go...when I feel the lonliness inside my're the answer to my prayers...*
I got my work schedule for next week, I'm excited.
I'm going to be ROLLING in cash. LMFAO-Too bad I've already ear marked my first two weeks pay for certain things. I'm getting a webcam, and I need to get this last thing before I givie him his present and some other random stuff. *SPEAKING OF PRESENTS-YOU OWE TWO ROLLS OF FILM!*
It's 1010pm and I am worried out of my mind. This is very very unlike him.
I saw Dan tonight. He works at Vons and I see him like once a month or something. We talked for a little bit and he was telling me about Heather-and I just was like what?! ROFL, too much time has passed for me to understand or know?
I haven't been to school at all this week because of work and I miss it like CRAZY.
Matt thinks I have a crush on some guy that works at my gym. It's one of the managers that I always talk to-and he called me today while I was at work. So, I called him back on my break and we jibbed for like 20 minutes. He looked my number up in the computer so NO I am not giving my number out to random guys. ANYWAY-Matt was giving me a guilt trip.
I talked with Vanessa for awhile tonight. It was nice. It's cool to have someone relate to you, and actually understand what is going on without making it about them. It's a major change as well.
Anj got in a car accident, thank god she is ok. What is with all these car accidents this month?!!?! Brandon, Melody, Anj and I?!
My truck has tan interior, bench seats, pop out side windows, V8, cd's just a 2001 black XLT F-150
I randomly have all these questions about religion and sprituality. But, he isn't here, so I suppose I shant ask.
THIS IS SO OUT OF THE ORDINARY-----I hope to GOD that he is ok.
I called his house but no one answered...
I feel sick. I'm worrying about 10 different things all pertaining to one thing, and it's getting on my nerves because I wont let myself relax.

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Y You're All I Can Taste At This Moment Y [Mar 29 2001 @ 12:33am]
Y mood | lonely

I really love balloons filled with your kisses

love me

Y Don't Fight The Perfection Y [Mar 28 2001 @ 11:50pm]
Y mood | Trickie

Georgie's Quote Of The Day: *There is not going to be a pity party for the trickiest girl alive. Don't even try and trick me again girl-who-cried-wolf*


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Y Everything Is Right With The World Y [Mar 28 2001 @ 12:51am]
I Love You I Love You I Love You I Love You I Love You I Love You
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Y We've Gotta Start Feeding Our Souls. Y [Mar 26 2001 @ 12:43am]
Y mood | ecstatic

*She's an ugly girl, does that make you want to kill her. She's an ugly girl does that make you want to kick in her brains. She's an ugly girl-does that make you feel safe. She's a pretty girl, does she make you think nasty thoughts? She's a pretty girl, do you want to tie her down? She's a pretty girl-do you call her a bitch? She's a pretty girl...did she sleep with your whole town? You say he's a faggot. Does it make you want to hurt him. You say he's a faggot-does it make you want to kick in his say he's a faggot-are you afraid you're just the same. you hate him cause he pieces of you? You say he's a Jew-does that mean that he's tight. You say he's a Jew-do you want to hurt his kids tonight? You say he's a Jew..he'll never wear that funny hat again. You say he's a jew as though being born were a sin. Oh Jew. Do you hate him cause he's pieces of you.*
I think that this upcoming birthday shall be THEE most exciting one of all. *sigh* I am going to Warped Tour in San Diego. The roadtrip crew consists of GeorgieFishie, Matty<3, Shauntee and naturally, myself. I took it upon myself to be the driver. WHEN AM I NOT THE DRIVER?!?!?! I've also decided. while we are there-we are stopping at Anjanette's. I will have an ongoing countdown for this FABULOUS vacation! (Yes, I suppose I am the new Bob Barker..with a less annoying microphone)
LMFAO-after showing my boyfriend the bandlist for the show, the Vanilla Ice in him comes out and he said *Where's the rap groups? I need some ghetto!* *Loves him*
Update on the car business. I finally decided today-after a few years of drooling on the F-150's..that is what I am getting. Some sort of black truck, extended cab, tinted windows, cd player, blahblahblah. I want to put clear corners on it, my stickers, my seat covers and what is going to be so incredibly beautiful you guys just do not have any idea. I almost bought a Chevy Silvie today-but didn't. Hmm..I'll keep you posted because I know you care so much.
Sheri-hun, I've been reading. I know it's been a tough couple of weeks, don't worry about the commenting thing...I understand.
KATRINA got a livejournal. She is one of my favorites-so go be her friend<33
Hmmm. I have an extremely long day tomorrow-and I need sleep, but I refuse to go.
I think I am getting sick.
I wonder if Dan is sick. Whenever he is sick-I get sick. Shmuckie.
I have two new verbalized pet-peeves:
1-When people talk about being attractive. Or about a certain part of them being attractive. I think, unless I've told you that you were pretty-I don't want to hear it. It makes them look ugly and whatever quality they have focused on..I will go and check it out and list reasons why it's ugly. It's just annoying. If you need to talk about being pretty-then it's because you're truly not.
2-When people are very anxious to take credit for things. I do a ton of things for a tonage of people but, I don't do it to get credit, I don't do it for them making a big production out of it...I do it because I feel like it. I hate when people RUSH to claim that they started something or they did this for someone or whatever it is. Just kick back, you're not responsible for the world spinning.
I think mocking devasting current events is ignorant. Why not try to make things better instead of making a joke out of something that is already awful. I hate people.
I didn't want to end this a joke mainly for my NASTY fiend.
There are two sausages frying in a pan. One sausage says *DAMN! It's hot in here!!* What does the other sausage say?
Princess Andromeda

I have a few quotes of the day:
*Ibrahim*---*You never know-we might be soul mates*
*Matt*---*I guess jeans and a shirt, because I know I can't wear shorts around you*
*Georgie*---*Can we sneak off and do it in your truck???*

*****WHOA A TALKING SAUSAGE!!!!!!!******
93 days

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Y Y [Mar 25 2001 @ 06:15pm]
Y mood | tired

Katrinabina has a journal-and I am happy.
I love her, and I'm tired.
I've been car shopping all day.....
I'm going to lay down.

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Y Y [Mar 25 2001 @ 12:33pm]
Have a great day today baby girl. Try and kick back and relax some, and don't stress too much. I love you tonsicals!!! I'll see you tonight. ~OK~
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Y Y [Mar 25 2001 @ 12:18pm]
Y mood | better

Dan (12:00:35 PM): hey
Blow Pop Ho (12:00:44 PM): hey
Blow Pop Ho (12:00:54 PM): do i not communicate effectively?
Dan(12:01:08 PM): what do you mean?
Blow Pop Ho (12:01:26 PM): what do you consider my biggest downfall or fault in relationships.
Blow Pop Ho (12:01:32 PM): friendwise and lovewise.
Dan (12:01:47 PM): eeek..........put me on the spot....
Blow Pop Ho (12:01:57 PM): well, i figured youd know.
Blow Pop Ho (12:02:04 PM): it came down to either asking you or freddie.
Blow Pop Ho (12:02:12 PM): and i couldnt decide which was the lesser evil.
Dan(12:02:14 PM): hmmm, is that good or bad...
Dan (12:02:21 PM): hey!
Blow Pop Ho (12:02:23 PM): rofl
Blow Pop Ho (12:02:25 PM): its true.
Dan (12:02:42 PM): you see a mistake?......
Blow Pop Ho (12:02:45 PM): no.
Dan (12:02:52 PM): ok
Blow Pop Ho (12:02:53 PM): i dont know what to consider you anymore.
Dan (12:02:57 PM): id say you communicate well........when it suits you
Blow Pop Ho (12:03:05 PM): uh huh...
Dan (12:03:33 PM): like you can be the greatest person to talk to.......then can be vague. abrupt....distant......
Dan (12:03:53 PM): but.......its been a long time since we did any you may have changed
Blow Pop Ho (12:04:20 PM): well, i dont think ive done much changing.
Blow Pop Ho (12:04:28 PM): so, i suppose-that is a good answer.
Blow Pop Ho (12:04:30 PM): anything else?
Blow Pop Ho (12:04:34 PM): that i do wrong in my relationships?
Blow Pop Ho (12:04:39 PM): that you see as a major problem?
Blow Pop Ho (12:04:46 PM): or as a constant problem.
Dan (12:05:05 PM): are you ok? like you and george?
Blow Pop Ho (12:05:09 PM): oh yeah.
Blow Pop Ho (12:05:11 PM): big time.
Dan (12:05:14 PM): ok good
Blow Pop Ho (12:05:15 PM): he and i had a talk about you last night..
Blow Pop Ho (12:05:20 PM): and then about melody.
Dan(12:05:30 PM): where the hell has she been
Blow Pop Ho (12:05:40 PM): and then i got depressed and asked him what he thought..but he gave me the *your perfect and they were wrong*
Blow Pop Ho (12:05:45 PM): she and i arent friends anymore.
Dan (12:05:58 PM): shit
Dan (12:06:12 PM): ok.........seriously you have no downfalls
Blow Pop Ho (12:06:19 PM): i have no downfalls?
Blow Pop Ho (12:06:20 PM): dan.
Blow Pop Ho (12:06:26 PM): i expected big time honesty from you.
Dan (12:06:30 PM): everyone has there moments. but these moments take two
Dan (12:06:41 PM): theres nothing i can really put a finger on which is like "all your falut"
Blow Pop Ho (12:06:47 PM): yes, and i know that what went on with melody is her fault she is an idiot.
Blow Pop Ho (12:06:51 PM): but, you and i are...different.
Dan (12:07:00 PM): im not talking bout mel
Blow Pop Ho (12:07:06 PM): and im sure that we are both guilty in the result of what has happened.
Dan (12:07:08 PM): in thinking of us
Blow Pop Ho (12:08:01 PM): hm.
Blow Pop Ho (12:08:02 PM): well.
Blow Pop Ho (12:08:04 PM): thank you dan.
Blow Pop Ho (12:08:10 PM): i appreciate your effort.
Dan (12:08:19 PM): sshh im thinking
Dan (12:08:59 PM): dont hate me
Blow Pop Ho (12:09:04 PM): i wont.
Dan (12:09:12 PM): i mean there is *one* thing.......which isnt a downfall......its you....and its the princess quality in you which i love. but sometimes you can come accross as being stuck-up
Dan (12:09:21 PM): but i KNOW you are not
Blow Pop Ho (12:09:25 PM): uh huh.
Dan (12:09:40 PM): but to others...........but then........fuck the others. if they dont get to know you, its their loss
Blow Pop Ho (12:09:46 PM): well-that i am aware of, and i realize that. but, i figure that......well i wont excuse it.
Dan (12:10:43 PM): i cant think of anything..........
Dan (12:10:53 PM): you are you
Blow Pop Ho (12:11:20 PM): yes.
Blow Pop Ho (12:11:21 PM): i am.
The rest was Dan and I just...catching up on the past month and discussing our monthly problems. It's like bills.

So, my two boys say there is nothing wrong with me, and Dan finds those two things.
I shall continue on my hunt.
I shall only speak to intelligent people who really know me.
Remind me of that when I rush to ask Freddie.
Princess Andromeda

love me

Y I Can Love You Like That Y [Mar 24 2001 @ 11:31pm]
Y mood | Very Happy

*I felt all flushed with fever, embarrassed by the crowd-I felt he had found my letters and read each one outloud...*
Let's see...
I've been nearly killed by an old man...*hugs Bran*Bran*
School is almost over..
I'm getting a new car
My baby is sick..*Kissies him*
WHY DID I ALL OF A SUDDEN start posting in like list format?! How annoying.
I haven't posted in a few days-well I HAVE but I deleted them because...I know the two people who were meant to see them...had. Made me happy.
This morning I woke up to a nice healthy rush of getting ready for a surprise car lot visit.
I shall post pictures hopefully tonight of the two cars I am deciding between.
Uhm, disguisting note....I was sitting in an Explorer, and the car sales man burped three times..and they smelled. He did not say excuse me until I gave him a dirty look. We left that lot immediately.
I am looking further into this Academy in San Fransisco...I threw it on the table with my parents today. They were all gung ho-which was to say the least....very reassuring. I am desperate to get out of Orange County..which is why I go to school in Los Angeles.
I saw my ex-boyfriend at the gym last night. He was very pleasant and nice-Brandon had some idea that I didn't want to end the conversation-which irked me for some reason. If I wanted to be with this guy-I would be. Brandon you suck. Georgie was like *DOES EVERYONE GO TO YOUR GYM?!!?*
OH SHIT!! LMFAO TONIGHT!!! We went to the gym again-and my friend Tricia works there..mind you, she used to be sort of blonde. then she went brunette..and now this ULTRA WHITE GIRL has MOESHA BRAIDS!! Brandon and I just cracked on her for..oh I don't know..the whole time we were there!!!! LMFAO. Good lord. But, I love her. Just...not her hair. Some white chicks look cute with ethnic hair-but this just made me laugh.
Laurenus now has a journal<3 go check her out.
People are fucking with my dear AnjeeValley-Tinie. Actually, two sets are. Some people are attacking her relationship with her wee boyfriend and then some people are just bugging her. Gotta love boredom. I no longer get too irritated with it only because-I know that no matter what she and I say..well, Vanessa, Anj and I say..there will be people messing with her. The three of us cannot cure ignorance through livejournal.
I had a nice chat with Matthew tonight-I think he intended on me getting pissed off with Alyssa for hurting him, and he wanted me to take his side-but I just couldn't. The only thing I can say that is even remotely neutral is that you're obviously better off apart. He and I have gone through so much together-and I guess apart too-but it's funny to think...of all the shit that has gone on.
I don't actually eat a lot of fast food-but I am swearing off of it until my birthday. As a couple of you may know...every year at some point, I do something like this. Sometimes I'll give up all complex carbohydrates, sometimes I'll go vegan, sometimes I wont eat fast food..and that is this years. It helps me center my life and control myself in all areas much better.
**pwini loves me
i love pwini.
pwini loves lauren.
i love lauren.
lauren loves me
lauren loves pwini.**
I think Katrina needs to get a journal-that girl is online all the time..and she is dope. I shall infact talk her into it tomorrow-or Monday.
I have decided that Staind is the official teen angst band of 2001. And, I like them. I suppose I am an angsty teen.
I know there is more to discuss but, as of now..that is all I have to report. I owe my boyfriend some more foot-rubbies-so, I'm off like a pair of strippers panties.
I love you
Princess Andromeda

*Note to boyfriend...will you nab those mp3's for me? and...I LOVE YOU<3

*Georgie's Quote Of The Day* *Whatcha doing with the knife?* Then he hid his penis. LMFAO.

I Love You More Than CAR SHOPPING!!!

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Y Our Love Wont Age At All Y [Mar 24 2001 @ 07:41pm]
I know a beautiful princess that went car shopping today. she isn't beautiful....

But, she DID go car shopping.


How come everyone on LJ is always depressed?!

Princess Andromeda
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Y Not That I Wouldn't Mind Y [Mar 20 2001 @ 06:16pm]
Y mood | impressed

My dearest Laura said something extremely profound in her journal today that I would like to share with my friends.

*Now people are gonna read this and get mad at me thinking it's about them...well if you are guilty enough to think it's about you, you are probably right...*

Laura you're an angel. It is spring afternoons such as these, when I adore you most.


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Y Oh Happy Day!!!!! Y [Mar 20 2001 @ 06:03pm]
Y mood | ecstatic

HE'S HOME!!!!!!

love me

Y Rollercoaster!!!! Y [Mar 20 2001 @ 05:41pm]
Y mood | ecstatic

*Cancels plans for the night*
Georgie is coming home!!!!
I am an almost happy girliegirlie!!!!!!!!

*Sorry Branie..but I KNOW you understand. We will go tomorrow, I PROMISE. I'll scan our pics tonight too!!*

love me

Y One Night Doesn't Mean The Rest Of My Life Y [Mar 19 2001 @ 01:03am]
Y mood | better

Georgie's Quote Of The Day:
*I love you. I miss you. Miss me too!!! I love you so much baby girl.*

Branie's Quote Of The Day:
*I better not see him tomorrow at school or his parents are gonna have to identify him through dental records*

love me

Y All We Have Is This Very Moment Y [Mar 19 2001 @ 12:13am]
Y mood | alone and worried

Oh and what I wouldn't give just to kiss your lips again-
To hold your hand next to my heart
And wake up with you in our apartment
Just one last time...can I call you my sweetheart...
My best friend..
=Andromeda's favorite part of the song.

I miss my boyfriend so much it hurts.
It was never this bad before he came into my life.
I'm sitting here sad.
I shouldn't be this sad.
I feel like some dumb little girl being depressed over her boyfriend...
Oh wait, that IS how I am...
I hope he is ok.
I hope he is safe...
I know he is sad...but-I hope he isn't breaking down.
He comes home Tuesday. It's Sunday.
I should definitely kick my ass for feeling this way.
He was sad when I was gone!! That was only for a day!!
I think I am just worried.
It's not like he went on some great lucky vacation...
How awful for him.
God, I hope he is ok.


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Y I Know It's Crazy But, You Still Do Touch My Heart Y [Mar 18 2001 @ 01:12pm]
Y mood | wondering...

I stole this from Travis

01 . Time you started: 12.22
02 . Name: Andromeda Elvia Eddlemon
03 . Nicknames: Prini, Pwini, Sparkle Face, Droma, Barbie, Hero Girl, Lucky, Kryptonite, Crimson, Jersey, Cleo, Strawberry Shortcake, Dollface, Bella, Mama, Bebe, Rosebud, Da, Peaches, A-LO, Trickie, Princess Spears, Peaches, Droma-Dada, Hunnie Fries, Ariel, Luscious, Mel-o-Droma, Brittie, Jezzy...I hate that when I have to ramble them all off...I can't think of any.
04 . Screen name: Jezzybella, Prryncessa, xxxBETTIExxx and that's all you need.
05 . Sex: Femme...<33
06 . Birthday: June 22
07 . Zodiac sign: First day Cancer
08 . Location: Orange County California
09 . Height: 5'2 and three fourths.
10 . Hair color: Blonde and black
11 . Eye color: Dark green..and sometimes sorta gray..not often though
12 . Siblings: Brothers:Jeff, Peter-Jaysen
13 . Do you have a crush? No..He surpassed crush long ago
14 . If so, who is it? Georgie<33
15 . Girlfriend? Not on Sundays...
16 . If you could go out with anyone in the world, who would it be? The man I'm *going out* with now.
17 . Who's the one person you'd never go out with? Anthony because he is scum and Bran-Bran because he is my best friend. I KNOW THERE ARE MORE, but those are the most off the top of my head answers..
18 . Memory you miss the most? Driving to San Fransisco with Jennifer...NEW YORK with the girls!! *!!!First place!!!*, Mexico with Alicia, (For people that do not know looks like I travel a lot from this..sorry.) The summer after graduation with Heather<33 and just random times with my friends.
19 . Memory you would most like to forget? Most parts of high school and Freddie
20 . What did you do yesterday? WOW. I got up at the buttcrack of dawn and got my nails done, came home, got ready, went shopping and then went to a punk show with Brandon. I came home-slept, saw my boyfriend, went to Target, painted Brandon's nails black, made my Georgie shirt, got ready AGAIN and went to Rocky Horror Picture Show with Amanda, Heather, Chelsea and Brandon where I was whipped, fondled..and all that good time yummie stuff. Came home around 4-430am. I love drag queens and dykes. That is all I shall say about that.
21 . Last person you talked to on the phone? Brandon
22 . Last thing you said: *NO, I said I understood.*
23 . Last song you listened to: Summer Wind Was Always Our Song: The Ataris..awww Matty
24 . Last food you ate: ROFL, Crystal Light. *ANOREXIC IN THE MAKING*
25 . Last drink you drank: Same as above..
26 . Last CD you bought: I had to replace my Peices of You: Jewel. I couldn't find it and it was slowly driving me insane.
27 . Favorite day of the week: Tuesdays
28 . Favorite month: December, and July
29 . Favorite number: 4 and 28<33
30 . Favorite holiday: Fourth of July
31 . Toothpaste of Choice: Anything not ice cream like stuff please.
32 . Favorite Ice Cream: Hey, that was strange. Vanilla and Raspberry Chocolate Truffle
33 . Favorite Channel: 5, and MTV
34 . Favorite Song: November Rain: GNR, You: Candlebox, Cuts Both Ways/Not Giving You Up: Gloria Estefan, Summer Wind Was Always Our Song: The Ataris, Hit or Miss: A New Found Glory, Valentine/I'll Catch You: The Kids, Just Like Heaven/Letter To Elise: The Cure, Drive: Incubus, Crazy: KCI and JOJO..and there is more, but this is the idea.
35 . Best friends: I can't even answer this completely and or accurately anymore. Brandon, Jake, Alissa, George..*sigh* Nash, Jaysen, Todd........
36 . Funniest friend: Jake, Brandon, George, and Jake
37 . Silliest / craziest friend: Most of my friends are pretty crazy.
38 . Loudest: ALL OF US
39 . Best at keeping secrets: My boy <333
40 . Sweetest: George. He is such a doll...*sigh* I love him.
41 . Weirdest: Jake..hands down.
42 . Most hyper: Chelsea
43 . Most annoying: Most people get annoying after a certain while..
44 . Do you believe in aliens? Yes, but, I don't think they are green martian type things. I don't think they are anything like what we give them credit for being..
45 . Do you believe in angels? Yes
46 . Heaven and hell? No
47 . God? No
48 . Yourself? Sometimes...
49. Have you ever been on a plane? Yes, and I've hated it everytime.
50 . Cried in public? OH YES.
51 . Climbed a tree? Yes
52 . Ate a worm? No
53 . Kissed a girl? Yes
54 . Kissed a boy? Yes
55 . Met a celebrity? Yes, I actually know a few. *YAY*
56 . Met the president? Hmm they don't want to meet me....I would have too much to bitch about.
57 . Shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch? No
58 . Gone skinny dipping? Yes
Word Association [Type the first word that comes to mind.]
59 . Bill Clinton . Stupid immoral asshole.
60 . Lollipops . Suck
61 . Dreams . Georgie
62 . Love . Georgie
63 . Whipped Cream . MILK..cherries...
64 . South Park . Annoying
65 . Christina Aguilera . Hair
66 . Guys . Shorts
67 . Girls . Irritating
68 . Death . Axe
Which Would You Rather Have?
69 . Dog or cat? Dog, but not just any kind
70 . Blue or purple? Purple
71 . Pen or pencil? Pen
72 . Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla or my FAVORITE white chocolate
73 . What does your screen name mean? Which one...
74 . What's the craziest idea you've ever had? I'm not exactly sure.
75 . How many licks does it take to the center of a tootsie? LMFAO...<3Tootsie. I dunno tell me.
76 . Do you find the person who sent you this at all attractive? He is a black and white cartoon so I can't accurately answer..I like my men with some color.
77 . Time you finished: 1.01

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Y Y [Mar 18 2001 @ 12:03pm]
*Looks for Georgie*
love me

Y Even If You Were Broke... Y [Mar 17 2001 @ 01:03am]
Y mood | so in love

Georgie's Quote Of The Day:
*I mushed her forehead and kicked her in the ass*

Branie's Quote Of The Day:
*I just want to thank Aaron for showing me how a drag queen strikes back*

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