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joel1369 (7:25:23 PM): do you like to hook up-/
Blow Pop Ho (7:25:38 PM): uhmmmm
Blow Pop Ho (7:25:39 PM): not really?
joel1369 (7:25:50 PM): why not-/
Blow Pop Ho (7:25:59 PM): makes me uncomfortable.
joel1369 (7:26:09 PM): why is that-/
Blow Pop Ho (7:26:21 PM): it just does.
joel1369 (7:26:34 PM): so you never hook up-/
Blow Pop Ho (7:26:42 PM): not never, just not usually.
joel1369 (7:27:10 PM): i think we should hook-/
Blow Pop Ho (7:27:18 PM): why do you think that?
joel1369 (7:28:22 PM): it would be fun-/
Blow Pop Ho (7:29:10 PM): i dont think so..
joel1369 (7:29:16 PM): why not-/
Blow Pop Ho (7:29:16 PM): if i was a slut..then maybe.
joel1369 (7:29:29 PM): shitty-/
Blow Pop Ho (7:29:37 PM): no its not...
joel1369 (7:29:49 PM): why not then-/
Blow Pop Ho (7:30:11 PM): because, the next girl you im, will say ok! and youll forget i said no thanks.
joel1369 (7:30:26 PM): i wish she would say ok-/
joel1369 (7:30:32 PM): no one ever does-/
Blow Pop Ho (7:30:46 PM): its because, its not really...flattering.
Blow Pop Ho (7:31:10 PM): the idea of meeting you, hooking up, and leaving and coming home and not seeing you again does not make me get excited.
joel1369 (7:31:38 PM): what if i did see you again-/
Blow Pop Ho (7:32:34 PM): dont just tell me anything so ill say yes..
joel1369 (7:33:49 PM): i thought you were the blow pop ho
Blow Pop Ho (7:33:59 PM): its an inside joke...
joel1369 (7:34:09 PM): oh
Blow Pop Ho (7:34:14 PM): you should have asked that in the beginning, so you didnt have to waste your time..
joel1369 (7:34:35 PM): its not a waste-/

Is there something about me that I am unaware of?
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