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Should I Speak Of Love

*I know he hurt you, I see you crying...girl I can stop the rain from falling. Just let me hold you-I wanna tell you all the things you need to hear. Let me be the one you need. Everything you want I'll be. Baby, when you're lonely I'll be there to dry your tears. Baby when you're lonely don't you worry I'm right here. He always told you, he never showed you. Love is more than saying the words. Someone to talk to-someone to listen...something that I know you've been missing. Let me be the one you need. You've never had a love that's real. I will always be holding you close to my heart...we will never be apart...let me dry your tears*
Where is NOTMRGARRISON?! HA! I got it out before you posted!
I spent the better part of the day with BranieBranBran. He helped me with some gif business.
I, was initially going to make a gif file of the guys I've loved, and then..I decided to do a combo on the evolution of my love well as my OWN personal evolution. So, it goes: my first love-Freddie, my constant love-Dan, my pretend love-Craig, and..George. So, that is what that is all about. *Beams* I am so grossly proud of it.
I went to the doctor today..I'm having big time pains in my feet...and, they said they were going to give me metal bars to wear, and the first thing I thought of-was Forest Gump. However, it turns out that they will only be in my shoes, I am only half of a gump, I mean..gimp.
I fully intended to talk to Josh tonight-he waited for me, and then left before I got here. I'm partially glad though, I know he has an early class.
I came to some sort of conclusion last night, as well as today that has hopefully made things better. NATURALLY, Matty<3 does not agree with my decision..but...*leaves it at that* It's his birthday, and I am hella excited. I love him so much, and I hope he has a great day!
I don't have to work until Thursday..and and..OH FUCK I have school tomorrow. Wait, is tomorrow Wednesday?! I hope not, because I have plans to go to CHURCH tomorrow. Don't laugh because I'm not kidding.
I put Shauntee on my friends list <3
What else shall I say?
GOD, I have this ENORMOUS thing to talk about, and I can't. :X. I have a feeling that, it will leak out eventually anyway and I'll be able to discuss it, but at this point in time...:X.
I gotta get going, I have another paper to write-and I'm trying to talk to Matt..even though he is occupied with something else..SHMUCK</3 My tongue isn't sore mouth feels, it's oral sex for everyone. XoXo
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