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Lay A Whisper On My Pillow

Hello, hello. *Wipes eyes*
I got up at, well, right above the buttcrack of dawn-got ready for work, got TO work..started my shift. Michelle came in *She wants to take me drinking..* LMFAO. Anyway..she came in and I was happy. I made almost 80 dollars in tips...*woot* and, I now hate this girl I work with. She thinks she is a model, and if I fucking see her hip bones again I am going to stab them. UGH. Uhm..we got a big time breakfast rush-and I was carrying I think 12 plates and SYRUP SPLIT IN MY APRON!! It got on my pager, my cellphone, my pens, my CARCLICKERALARMTHINGIE, my MONEY, my wallet, my chapstick, my lipstick, my bobby pins and WHATEVER else was in there. Mind you-this is an hour into my shift. I made nice with my new busyboy<3. Uhm....I broke a plate-because someone didn't say *Behind You* when they were..BEHIND ME.
I had 4 random comments today...:
*You're the best waitress I've had in 45 years.*
*You're the sweetest thing I've ever seen*
*You look like a little girl, you're just so cute*....
*I just want to take you out and drink and have a total blast!!!! We would have such a good time!!!*
The lady who told me I was the best waitress..hugged me and kissed my cheek, and her friend, pinched my cheek...she was like 157 years old. Yes, 157. She was with this huge group of 157 year old women..they said they would ask for me next time, and left me a $20 dollar tip.
I spent TWO AND A HALF FUCKING HOURS AT WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK...and ended up owing $45.00. I've yet to understand HOW I spent all that time there, and how I encured that debt. Whatever, I was just glad to get out of the damn bank. *sigh* THEN, lmfao, as I'm sitting there for 394875 hours..I look to the door and MY DAD walked in!! We have two different banks, and I like yelled three times and he just looked around and I was like *You are such a retard* and we talked for like 20 minutes. Like we don't see each other everyday?! LMFAO, YAY Didi!
Brandon and I went out to dinner-and I pissed off the lady there. They had a *reserved* thing on the table..and there was nowhere to sit, and we hadn't eaten all, uhm, I just moved it. ROFL, she was like talking shit about it to everyone that would listen and I just kept hoping that she would come over and say something. I was funked up and hungry.
Then..we went to the gym, and I saw some more of my high school alumni. *sigh* I wanted to go down to Huntington Beach because, I saw something tonight that bothered me and I just needed some time. So, Brandon gave me some advice-which actually, I really appreciated. He then proceeded to say the sweetest thing:
*I don't think....that...I could even live without you*
This coming from a guy who is not about emotions. I was like *awww BranieBran!*
I have a 'date' on Saturday with Bran to watch some Drop Dead Fred and some's sleepie time clothes and TONS of low fat chocolate pudding. Hehe.
Something inside of me, is keeping me lit up. I feel so relieved, and so happy...even though-nothing great is going on.
I think, I just honestly love my job, and I love my friends, I'm happy that Mel and I are talking..I'm happy Branie is happy...I'm happy Matty and Shauntee are happy...I'm happy that things are going well.
My only sadness is this thing with George. I don't even know what to say about it right now. It feels sort of like...nevermind. It doesn't matter what I feel.
I'm hella tired...
My feet hurt..
I am going to make a list of the things I want to accomplish by birthday, and then a list of things I want to have accomplished by 2002. Wait, is this 2002? No, so yeah...2002. Not resolutions..just things I want to have under my belt, and under control, and in my grasp. I need to make some life changes, and I think it's good to get a start on them before they start effecting your life TOO much. *SNEEZE* Bless me, thank you.
Must get sleep, must get...sleep.
Get's excited for school this Monday
I'm worried about Chas. He has been posting extremely strange things. I didn't want to post comments because I don't know what's going on. But. if you are in fact reading this love, I hope things are ok? I'm here if you need me...
I'm looking for an idea for a new song for my pager..the only one that I shall ask is Matty because he is the only one I know with any decent taste in music. Except for: ALK3 and JEW! EWWW!
Goodnight lovies

To those people reading this.....
I do mean all of you...
What's your biggest regret?
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