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Hold Me Naked Under The Falling Rain

*Don't worry I'll catch you. Don't ever worry-no need for reminding. You're still all that matters to me.*
Just got home!!!! I made mad cash in tips today!! There was this table of four people who were SO EFFIN rude and barely spoke english, but obviously lived in the United States..actually-obviously lived around the restaurant-and I WAS SO OFFENDED!! WHY DO PEOPLE not SPEAK ENGLISH?!?! How come everytime I walk out of my house, I am one of the only people speaking IN ENGLISH?!?!?! *UGH* Yes, tell me I'm a racist bitch..go on.
Some dork boys came in at the end of my shift and proceeded to tell me they knew me? I was like great? Then, they decided that they did not know me...that I just looked like Barbie? *sigh* Queers. Guys say the dumbest shit sometimes.
I went bikini shopping today--I'm looking for something not red and not black..considering that's what I normally get?! Something like Turquoise or gold or purple. Something funky<3
I'm on Spring Break and I didn't know it until a couple of days ago. I intend on sleeping-working out-working-shopping-tanning.
Jaysen slept here last night. It was nice. We had a sleepover party. I dyed his hair black..and he looks INCREDIBLE. He went with me to my rehearsal for this film. I just sang, and sang and sang and sang and sang and left. The cool part is that I don't have to be at every rehearsal, he thinks that they can edit my part in? *sigh* It was nice to be spending time with him. We called Jake and Alissa and Rora for a little while-things are falling apart. But, as usual, no one ever listens to me.
I've gotten really close to Matt over the last couple of weeks *as I keep saying..'SOMEONE HAS A CRUSH' hehe, just kidding* and his girlfriend read my journal last night..and saw the part about him wishing he was single, and she got upset. I FELT SO BAD-even though it wasn't my fault. I don't know what he said-but, I know how he tries to get out of everything, so things are fine. But, I did feel bad. I don't think I should say anything else like that?? I don't want her to be upset :(. I've been a girlfriend and when it feels like girls are stepping's just infuriating. Shauntee, I'm sorry...but, if it helps at all: You honestly have nothing to worry about.
Dan..and I are talking a smidgent now. Things are never going to be normal for us-but I have finally realized that OUR normal is not like NORMAL for anyone else's standards.
I've also been talking with Mel. She has been completely great. I appreciate her a lot. She's got me on the hunt for a purse *Which I wrote all the specs down for*
YAY guys this was a dope day!
I got lots of fun stuff today..:
Shaving Gel
Face Soap
Face Exfoliator
Body Warsh
New Loofa
Hair spray
Face Moisterizer
Took a nice long bath-felt really truly nice.
I also went tanning-and I put one of those little heart stickers (so you can see like a tan line if you're naked) and it looked SO cute!!<3 *Aww, it's the little things*
KellyKelly got a journal!!!!!! Hi Kelly!!
I still haven't talked to Josh-we are too busy. *sigh* Hi hunnie, I hope you're ok!! I'll come looking for you later on this week<3<3<3
I'm thinking of changing my icon-I just need to think of what to stick there. I'm surprised this one is well liked. It's so ugly and dorky. Roffel.
Dru love, don't let this depress you-especially if you HAVEN'T talked to him. You know? I think you're just over thinking it and letting it get to you too much. Make something happen and then over analyze least then you'll definitely have something to think about. Don't make yourself *What If* it's the worst.
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