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I Remember The Smell Of Your Skin.....I Remember Everything

*You gave me a Valentine. It's the little things that stand the test of time. I saved the tickets from the shows that we've been too. And a thousand other memories of you.*
That is the only good part on the ENTIRE album aside from our song Matt. *sigh* ugh.
This guy told me, I looked glam, like David Bowie glam..then continued to say I was *cute, though* and wanted to be friends.
I'm feeling rather blah today folks.
I had a strange weekend-I ditched work today. They are pissed off at me as it is, they want me to take my tongue ring out. I got in a BIG TIME creative mood today-started designing and sewing and what not. I got a few things done that I am happy about. I am intending on dying my hair tonight as well. I want to go all black, but George said he would grow a mullet if I do it all black. Therefore, that is out of the, I think people only talk to me because I'm blonde, they think I'm stupid, and they think I'm a slut....and heaven forbid people stop thinking that.
OH!!! Last night, Katrina and I had this HUGE long talk, like hours..and I loved it. Towards the end of it, I found the MOST AMUSING THING EVER!
Someone is smoking around my window.
I don't work until Thursday.
Wow, I am so ugly right now it's gross.
I know someone that has a crush on me!!! How exciting is that!!!
Speaking of exciting....I got a kiss today. *beams* I had to give him some garlic bread first, but...still. LMFAO *wink*
Last night, I got a pin that says *I'm a mess* and it made me think of my Sparkling Mess Soul, and I also got a shirt that is black and in HUGE red beautiful sparkly letters it says: *I only like punk boys with tattoos.* Now, maybe my wearing a HUGE sign, lmfao, I'll get another one.
My birthday is in exactly two months. Joshiewoshieboboshie<3 turns 19 in 21 days. May 13! I think I love him. Hehe. <3
I found out the other day...that this kid I went out with in junior with me. LMFAO. He is super tall and super skinny and all...surfer now. I was like 'Wait, that's gross'
My tongue ring is now too long and I am going to get a 5/8 instead. Actually, I HAVE a 5/8 and it has a pretty pretty rhinestone on the top. *sexy sexy*
I am feeling better. <3 Thanks Josh.
WAIT!!! Like two weeks ago, I was supposed to have a chat with Chaz..what the hell happened to that?!?!
Also, the feeling you get when you put a lot of energy into someone, or something...and they just..disappoint you beyong belief-really sucks. When you just have all this faith and hope and love invested, and all these expectations..and they let you down, is like a stab in the back. It makes you not want to have faith in them ever again-but what is the use of knowing people if you don't invest. I guess she doesn't really matter to me anyway, it just bugs me.
OH! AND..Keith thinks I am stubborn and arrogant.

Quotes Of The Day:
The Cunt, Bran, and I: *You are the weakest link, goodbye!*
Melody: *You are in such deep trouble. LOL*
Somebody: *If you come to Florida this summer, don't forget your tongue ring*
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