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I Am Falling, With No One To Catch Me

Birthday Boy (1:48:30 AM): and he cant expect a wondeful person like yourself not to move on
Brokedown Palace (1:48:36 AM): im not wonderful.
Brokedown Palace (1:48:38 AM): but, thank you.
Birthday Boy (1:48:47 AM): you are right you are not
Birthday Boy (1:48:51 AM): you are beyond wonderful
Brokedown Palace (1:49:00 AM): this is your birthday, dont tell me that.
Birthday Boy (1:49:01 AM): they dont even have a word to desribe how simply amazing you are
Birthday Boy (1:49:04 AM): you are andromeda
Birthday Boy (1:49:17 AM): when i feel good. im gonna say i am feeling andromeda today :-D
Birthday Boy (1:49:32 AM): i wish i was feeling you...

I Love You.
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