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When My Heart Stops Breaking And Tears Stop Falling, When Forever Is Through..I'll Be Over You

*I'll take everything as it comes my way. Pushing your pain around my door...and I'll cry for you, yes I'll die for you-yes this blood on my hands is for you...*
I went on a date tonight! The guy that does the computer stuff for us, wanted to take me out to dinner..and I said ok. SO-he took me to Huntington Beach, and we had dinner and walked on the pier. It was nice...he was sweet. He's blonde-unfortunately. But, we aren't talking marriage so it doesn't matter too much.
I wore...:
Black hip huggers with a leather ribbon around the waist
Electric blue tank top that shows my tummy
Black button up shirt, left open
Blue ribbons tied around my wrists
Spiked bracelets
Black platforms with the star cut out in the sole
Regular make up
Hair down..and straight
I took my taxes in today. *SIGH* I HATE TAXES!! I hate Dubya!!
I decided that next weekend, I will go get a new Kate Spade purse.
The order on my truck got cancelled because-I was scared that I would like the 2002 F-series more. I am going to bounce around and look for pictures of the 2002 and if it's just alright, I'll put my order in for my truck again...unless I go pounding the fucking pavement looking for one I like. I'll get it faster, that's for damn sure.
I had thee strangest dream last night, or this afternoon, or something.
I was talking with this guy from my job *He looks like the hot guy from the shoe store..from a month ago * and this lady came in to tell me her muffins were burnt? So, I told her I would bake her some..and I made her bud brownies? Then, I took her to the art museum in Santa Monica just to get an Iced Mocha-then I was having like animal sex with Dennis Rodman in the old ladies motor home? Then I woke up fully grossed out.
I don't think I'll ever have sex with anyone. I don't think anyone is worth it I guess. Or maybe that is why my relationships all end, I don't want to have sex and they don't think I'm worth the time if they aren't getting any. My next relationship will be different-I'll be worth it, and hopefully, he will be too.
Alissa and Aurora are coming to California this month sometime, but that is tentative thus far. It should be interesting. I have a feeling I am going to end up beating the shit out of Alissa upon contact. I'm trying to talk Jake into coming with them so he can do my tattoo...but, he doesn't want to be anywhere near Alissa right now. So, he is glad for the break. *sigh* I suppose that I shall wait.
What else was I going to say....I can't find any cute black pants. It's getting on my nerves..I tried those black ones at Target Mel..LMFAO-they were SO uncomfortable. I usually only buy work out pants there, no wonder.
I bought a new halter's like dark blue denim..
I need summer clothes-because I am not busting around in a sweater all summer like I did last year.
I am officially in love with Incubus. I realize it's been a crush for awhile-but now it is full blown and I'm ready to give up Marilyn Get Up Cure..NO WAY..NO DOUBT..I'll give up No Doubt for Incubus.
Where is Matt?!?!? He gets his new apartment very soon and his 23rd birthday is coming up!!!!!!<3<3<3<3
If someone is bald..on their drivers liscense, does it say *none* or *nude* when asking hair color? If you are bald, and reading this...let me know please.
I have to be up at I'm outtie. I just came on to talk to Mel, and Matt, and TRY to catch up with Josh.
JOSH-I got your message<3

*Quote Of The Day*
Blake-*Ok, so I'm just out of touch*
Melody-*There's another song I want, but you wouldn't know it, it's alternative*
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