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Miles Away I Can't Believe How Lost I Still Feel Without You

*You have no right to ask me how I feel, You have no right to speak to me so kind. Someday I might find myself looking in your eyes but for now-we will go on living separate lives. I held on to let you go and if you lost your love for never let it show. There was no way to compromise so now we are living separate lives*
I knew I should have said *Rabbit Rabbit* on the first day of March.
Well, I got a nice typical Dan email this morning. He wanted to *comfort* me about the *break up.* I think his idea of comfort and mine differ completely. I wont go into detail on exactly WHAT started it. Let's just say, Dan who doesn't know the real meaning of love was telling me how to lead my love life. Which lead to a REALLY nice fight over how he had no idea what he was talking about, and when he finally got some idea, to come talk to me. Which then proceeded to flow into me wishing him heartbreak so he could finally have some idea of what he was preaching about...which lead to him sort of bitching at me....Then I left. I just got home about 15 minutes ago-and got this in my mailbox:

*melts* So now I'm supposed to forgive him. How the hell do I go about IGNORING that?
Thanks to....
for being so wonderful. I appreciate that you all care, and your emails and IM's and what not...were in fact appreciated. So, thank you.
I got home a little while ago...
I had a nice day. Considering.
Tani woke me up this morning talking about uhm, I think football, Cerritos, sunglasses, and weeks? She wanted to make plans-but I know she is regularly 19 hours late, so I told her I would call her, which I didn't. I can't be peppy enough for her right now-so it's best I wait to see her.
Kimberly's birthday was today and she was having a party tonight, some big drinking fest. I also forgot about that until around 930pm. Instead, I got dressed, went out looking at trucks, and thinking. I went for a small drive, and then Diane and Meghan came over.
I left to go get Brandon. We went to eat and I actually ate fast food (RUBIO'S). I figure, that I just got dumped and that the rules are cancelled. But, now I'm back on my *No fast food* bullshit. We went Staples and then back to my house, I exchanged a lipstick....then we drove to Santa Ana for some Jazz show. It was alright. Better than I expected but still..Jazz music. *Vomits*
I saw Candice tonight. That was interesting. It was nice to see her I suppose...
Then, we went to the gym and I kicked my ass.
I talked to the guy from the gym again. LMFAO-not for very long..but too long anyway? He was saying things that I am not ready to hear from anyone else yet.
I also, spoke to Ibrahim which was good. He thinks we are soulmates.
Matt and I are talking about my quickly approaching birthday. I had really beautiful plans for it...but, now I have to start all over again. *sigh*
I heard a funny thing last night:
Tired of getting dumped
Let's get really pumped
Thought I'd look like Henry Rollins
But I still look like Phil Collins

I had a horrible nightmare last night-I killed one of George's friends-and he was all bloody and I was trying to hide him..? It was awful.
Matt just said THEE sweetest thing.
Ma TtTtT 1 2 3 (11:40:53 PM): can i tell you something
Ma TtTtT 1 2 3 (11:41:00 PM): i dont know how this may sound
Blow Pop Ho (11:41:02 PM): yes love, anything.
Ma TtTtT 1 2 3 (11:41:03 PM): i dont think its bad
Ma TtTtT 1 2 3 (11:41:08 PM): but last night
Ma TtTtT 1 2 3 (11:41:11 PM): after everything
Ma TtTtT 1 2 3 (11:41:18 PM): i was like hmm, only if i was single

I am trying to--be a good girlfriend without being a girlfriend? I don't want to date anyone *OH MATT, this has nothing to do with you hun* and I don't even want to talk to anyone new. I haven't given up on my relationship, and I haven't given up on George. I told him I would be here for him during and after-and I will. I want to go on and on and on about this exact subject-but, I am scared that he will read it and think I'm stupid. I don't want him to think I'm trying to find someone new...because-he is the only one I want. *sigh*
Mike just shook his fist at me for not being happy!!! LMFAO!!!
I just got an email from Melody. It was for some reason, the second best thing that could have happened? I don't know. I thought it was a nice gesture. She apologized for George and I, and said she was here for me if I needed to talk. I thought that was very beautiful of her. So, if you're reading this Melody-I'll respond to the letter-and thank you ahead of time.

I hope you had a good day...that that you're doing alright. I hope you're doing better than I am. I keep hoping that you're going to say *April Fool's* about all of this...but, I know you wont.
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